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My name is Jemma and I am a Doula and antenatal educator based in Plymouth, UK. My mission with Avalowa is to help and inspire you to have the most fulfilling, unique and honoured pregnancy, birth and postnatal time so that you can enter parenthood supported and confident to parent in your own wonderful way.

Often we don't know or can't articulate exactly what we want or need because it's no longer part of our culture to mark our pregnancy in any other way than to have our blood pressure taken, endure lectures about our weight and hand over small plastic pots of urine for testing. But this time in your life is worth so much more than that.

As well as the immediate Plymouth area I can travel to Ivybridge, Tavistock, Saltash, Callington etc. so if you have any questions about any of the Doula or antenatal services I provide or anything else you read about on my site or Facebook page I'd love to hear from you.



How can I help you?

I believe you have it in you to know and do exactly what is best for your baby. But in the overwhelming amount of rules, guidelines, suggestions, advice and traditions our instincts can be drowned out.

Find out how I can support you to re-discover your own inner voice.

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Moral and practical support leading up to the birth of your baby/babies. A listening ear, a helping hand and a nourishing experience.

- Unlimited email contact
- A minimum of four visits or at least one visit a month pre-birth, at least three visits during your fourth trimester with phone calls between visits.
- Access to my library for the duration of your pregnancy and fourth trimester
- "Woman's hour" massage, craft meditation and birth plan discussion

- Private birth partner preparation session

- 50% discount on mother-shower



Research shows that emotional and social support during pregnancy improves birth outcomes for both mother and baby.

If you don't feel that a full doula support package is for you but you still would like to talk something through with someone who is interested, neutral and non-judgemental then private one-off consultations are available.

- One telephone call introduction
- One two hour meeting at a location of your choice

- Access to my library during pregnancy and fourth trimester

- Email check-in after our meeting


Pregnant Woman in Nature


Being asked to be present at the birth of a new baby is an honour and supporting someone during their labour is so important to them and can be an incredible experience. It is completely natural to feel some trepidation, concern or even fear when you are expecting to be called on to support a woman and baby at this time. Not knowing what to do to help, feeling like you will be useless or feeling overwhelmed is common.

Whether you are a father, husband, partner, girlfriend, boyfriend, mother, aunt, friend or grandmother, this is for you!

We will explore your expectations around labour and birth, improve your communication skills, alleviate your worries and give you practical tools to use to help the person you are supporting so that you can enter the birth space calm and prepared.

Available to groups or as a private workshop.

Private: £50
Group: TBC


A focussed and woman-centered way of celebrating a woman's transition into motherhood whether for the first, second, third or more times!

The mother-shower is a fun and meaningful way to connect a pregnant woman to her support network, to cement the bonds which new mothers need to be able to fully enjoy the postnatal period and to honour the transition into parenthood. A woman leaving her mother-shower can feel held, supported, loved and full of confidence for the upcoming birth and postnatal period.

- Email questionnaire
- Email or phone consultation
- One meeting to discuss plans

- Materials for activities provided

- Preparation of space
- Facilitating the mother-shower
- Materials for activities provided




If, like me, you have a special interest in pregnancy, birth, motherhood AND witchcraft and folklore get in touch about holding a Charms and Childbirth workshop.

We will explore the beliefs, themes and practices which have been used throughout history and continue on today to help women navigate conception, pregnancy, birth and parenthood and have an opportunity to create replicas of some of the charms and talismans that we talk about.

Get a group of friends together to take part or incorporate this workshop as part of your mother-shower.

£25 per person

If you'd like to talk to me about anything listed above or there's something else you need that you don't see, please do send me an email.




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